XB450 asbestos rubber sheet



XB450 asbestos rubber sheet

XB450 asbestos rubber sheet

XB450 asbestos rubber sheet is made of asbestos, rubber and filler by pressing, which is popular with the majority of users.

Use of XB450 asbestos rubber sheet:

XB450 asbestos rubber sheet can be used as sealing material for pipeline flange, high pressure vessel flange and various mechanical joints. When used, gaskets of various shapes and sizes are usually punched according to requirements. It is suitable for sealing gaskets at flange joints of equipment pipelines with medium of water, saturated vapor, superheated vapor, gas and inert gas at high temperature and pressure. Its main component is magnesium silicate containing about 13% crystalline water. It has good heat resistance, alkali resistance, high tensile strength and poor acid resistance. Most asbestos rubber sheets are made from it. Blue asbestos belongs to amphibole-like asbestos. Its main component is silicate containing 2.5-3.5% crystalline water. Magnesium oxide has very little component, and iron oxide accounts for 18-24%.

Main technical specifications of XB450 asbestos rubber sheet:

Tensile Strength(Mpa)≥19.0
Loss on lgnition(%)≤28

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