Rock wool products



Rock wool products

Rock wool products

Rock wool: suitable for large-caliber pipes, building walls and roofs, with good thermal insulation and sound absorption effect.

Glass fiber cloth sewing felt: it is suitable for industrial equipment and building structure with long span, resistant to breaking, easy to construction, and has dustproof performance on building wall.

Aluminum foil blanket: especially suitable for round pipe, small equipment and air conditioning system pipe, often used for light steel structure building wall insulation, simple construction. With good waterproof, dustproof, insulation edge and reduce the liquid drop in the pipeline work function.

Wire mesh felt: suitable for high vibration, high temperature environment. This product is often recommended for boilers, ships, valves and large diameter irregular pipe thermal insulation material. (note: metal mesh edges are valid)

This product is elastic, light in weight and can be rolled or folded.

Density: 60 kg - 20 kg/m3

Thickness: 30 mm - 100 mm

Width: 1000 mm

Length: 1000 mm - 5000 mm

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