Aluminum silicate fiber products



Aluminum silicate fiber products

Aluminum silicate fiber products

Aluminosilicate fiber products are light fibre-like refractory materials developed in the early 1960s. It belongs to amorphous (glassy) fiber according to its structure and morphology. It is made of hard clay clinker or industrial alumina powder and silica powder synthetic material as raw materials, using electric arc furnace or resistance furnace melting, by compressed air blowing (or silk throwing method) made of fiber. Its chemical composition is mainly aluminum oxide (30 ~ 55%) and silica. After reprocessing into blanket, felt, board, paper, rope and other products and a variety of prefabricated blocks and components.

The aluminosilicate fiber products are fed into the winding machine by the aluminosilicate felt blank containing a proportional binder. The shaped products are formed by placing aluminum silicate felt blank with binder into a fixed mold.


18-529 - mm diameter phi

30 mm - 150 mm thick

Length is 1000 mm


1. Electric boiler, high temperature pipe lining;

2, thermoelectric steam pipe transmission insulation;

3, chemical industry high temperature pipe insulation.

The melting of aluminosilicate fiber raw material generally USES the electric furnace as the melting equipment, mainly has the resistance furnace and the electric arc furnace two kinds. The forming methods of fiber are divided into spraying method, spinning method and spinning - spraying method.

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