Non - asbestos rubber sheet



Non - asbestos rubber sheet

Non - asbestos rubber sheet

FNY non-asbestos oil resistant rubber board:

Material: with special fiber, oil resistant synthetic rubber as the main raw material, press vulcanization.

Application: used as gasket material for flange joint of oil refining equipment and distillation pipeline, automobile diesel engine and oil pipeline joint.

FXB non-asbestos rubber sheet:

Material: special heat resistant fiber, rubber as raw material, pressed.

Application: gasket material for sealing flange connection of pipes with medium such as water, steam, air, gas and lye.

Non-asbestos rubber board (no asbestos rubber board) is the aramid and other organic fibers and plant fibers and nitrile rubber, inorganic minerals at high temperature from the compression of the sealing material, because there is little asbestos fiber, suitable for the asbestos gasket no asbestos rubber board replacement products. Non-asbestos rubber board (no asbestos rubber board) not only has high strength, but also has good resilience, and has the anti-permeability performance, is a good environmental protection material in high temperature and pressure to replace asbestos gasket.

Performance index of non-asbestos gasket board:

The density ofg/cm31.5-2.0
The compression ratio%≥12±5
Resilient rate%≥50504545505050
Aging coefficient≤0.9 
Ignition loss%≤35 
Stress relaxation rate%≥40455045454040
Transverse tensile strengthMpaz1.28.06.010121416
Steam tightness is maintained for 30min without penetrationThe temperature℃340-350240-250140-150 
Oil sealing temperature 15-30 medium 75 aviation gasoline or no. 3 jet fuel   Seal, pressureMpa8101515
Oil resistanceThe temperature is 150℃±2℃, soaked in no.20 lubricating oil for 5h, then removed, and placed at 15-30℃ for 30minTransverse tensile strengthMpaz≥39.51112
Oil absorption rate%≤23232020
Immersion thickening rate%≤-201515
Soak 15-30℃, soak in no. 75 aviation gasoline or no. 3 jet fuel for 5h, then take it out and leave it for 5minTransverse tensile strengthMpaz≥
Oil absorption rate%≤20202020
Immersion thickening rate%≤22222020

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