Industrial rubber sheet



Industrial rubber sheet

Industrial rubber sheet
High wear-resistant rubber sheetBlack sponge rubber sheetWhite sponge rubber sheet
Red striped rubber sheetInsulated rubber sheetAcid and alkali resistant rubber sheet
Heat-resistant rubber sheetIron Red Rubber BoardOil-resistant rubber sheet

Industrial rubber board USES:

Used for rubber gaskets, gaskets, cushioning parts and for laying floors and worktables.

According to the needs of the rubber board can be made into smooth or with patterns, cloth patterns and woven rubber board. Patterned rubber board has anti-skid effect, mainly used for paving. Rubber board with woven fabric, with high strength and not easy to stretch long characteristics, used for pressure and do not allow excessive extension of the occasion. And acid and alkali, oil resistant and heat resistant rubber board, respectively suitable for dilute acid and alkali solution, oil and steam, hot air and other media used.

Specifications of industrial rubber board:

Classification and code performance of rubber sheet

Oil resistant performanceCategory A: Oil-resistant, Category B: Medium oil-resistant, Category C: oil-resistant
The tensile strength(Mpa)

Type 1 is more than 3, type 2 is more than 4, type 3 is more than 5, type 4 is more than 7, type 5 is more than 10,

Type 6 (> 14, type 7 (> 17)

Elongation at rupture(%)

Grade 1 is greater than 100, grade 2 is greater than 150, grade 3 is greater than 200, grade 4 is greater than 250, grade 5 is greater than 300,

Grade 6 (> 350, grade 7 (> 400), grade 8 (> 500, grade 9 (> 600)

Rubber hardness(IRHD)H3:30,H4:40,H5:50,H6:60,H7:70, H8:80(Note: It can also be classified according to Shore A hardness)
Heat resistant performance(℃)Hr1:100,Hr2:125,Hr3:150
Low temperature resistance(℃)Tb1:-20,Tb2:-40
Nominal sizethickness(mm):0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 4 5 6 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 25 30 40 50M

1. Rubber sheets are also classified according to heat-resistant air aging properties (code Ar): Ar1 (70 72h) and Ar2 (100 72h). After aging, the reduction rates of tensile strength are less than 25% and less than 20%, and the true reduction rates of breaking elongation are less than 35% and less than 50%, respectively. Class B and C rubber sheets meet Ar2 requirements. If they fail to meet the requirements, the supplier and the Demander shall agree.

2. The nominal length of the rubber sheet, as well as the pattern and color of the surface, shall be agreed between the supplier and the demander.

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