Insulated rubber sheet



Insulated rubber sheet

Insulated rubber sheet

Insulated rubber sheet is an insulating product with excellent insulation performance. It can be widely used in substations, power plants, distribution rooms, laboratory roommates and live field operations.

Types of insulating rubber sheets:

1. Insulating rubber board is divided into red insulating rubber board, black insulating rubber board, green insulating rubber board and grey insulating rubber board.

2. Insulated rubber sheets are divided into 5 KV, 10 KV, 15 KV, 20 KV, 25 KV, 30 KV and 35 KV according to voltage level.

3. Insulated rubber sheets can be divided into 3 mm, 5 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm according to their thickness.

4. Insulating rubber sheet can be divided into: insulating rubber sheet, insulating rubber pad, insulating board, insulating blanket, insulating rubber sheet, electrical insulating rubber sheet.

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