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Notes for storage of asbestos rubber sheets


Usually, the rubber asbestos board manufactured by the manufacturer has oil-resistant, ordinary and high-pressure, acid and alkali-resistant types. Oil-resistant asbestos rubber sheets are mostly used in oil pipelines, ordinary ones are used in steam pipelines, high-pressure ones are used in pressure pipelines, and acid-alkali-resistant ones are naturally used in corrosive environments. Among the three types of XB450 high pressure rubber asbestos board, XB350 medium pressure rubber asbestos board and XB200 low pressure rubber asbestos board, XB450 is mostly used to seal water, superheated steam, saturated steam, air, gas and other inert gasoline, kerosene, wine and lubricant at high temperature and high pressure, and XB350 asbestos rubber board is also used for sealing gasoline, kerosene, alcohol and lubricating oil. The following sealed water pipes and steam pipes; XB200 rubber sheet is used to seal general water heating equipment and low pressure water pipes, steam pipes, etc.

Asbestos rubber sheet is a commonly used sealing material for machinery. It has attracted much attention since it came out. Especially the production of rubber sheet has become an important link for both manufacturers and customers.

When producing asbestos rubber sheet, the manufacturer should use excellent raw materials and advanced production technology, not greedy for temporary cheapness, choose inferior raw materials and backward processing technology, which not only affects the quality and production rate of the rubber sheet, but also has a serious impact on the image and reputation of the manufacturer.

Stability in production is one of the key concerns of manufacturers, including the stability of workers and electricity consumption. Asbestos has corresponding hazards, so workers should wear gloves and masks in production, which is a more basic protective measure, manufacturers should not neglect accordingly. If the workers accidentally contact raw materials in production, resulting in physical discomfort, the corresponding medical treatment should be timely, not delayed. Electric stability is also important in the production of asbestos rubber sheets. When stopping production, it is necessary to shut off the power supply and switch on the equipment in the workshop in time, check the stability of the equipment's circuit regularly, and replace the damaged wires with aging phenomenon and insulating skin, so as to ensure the stability of power consumption.

Can asbestos rubber sheets be transported in haze? Please listen to me in detail:

Generally speaking, although haze weather affects people's health, it has little impact on the transportation of asbestos rubber sheets, so it can still carry out the transportation of rubber sheets. However, in the process of transporting rubber sheets, we suggest that manufacturers choose freight cars with carriages, which can prevent inhalable particles from depositing on rubber sheets in haze and affect the appearance and quality of the sheets. If you use a transport vehicle without a carriage, then you better use tarpaulins and other covering rubber plate to ensure its cleanliness.

Not only can inhalable particles in haze affect people's bodies and asbestos rubber sheets, but also heavy haze can block the driver's sight and even cause traffic accidents. So drivers who still insist on transporting rubber sheets in fog and haze should drive carefully to prevent traffic accidents.

For rubber asbestos board, one of the difficulties in winter storage is the dry climate. Although the burning index of rubber sheets is low, the dry climate in winter is indeed a fire-prone period. In this regard, asbestos rubber sheet manufacturers should pay attention to cleaning the open fire and inflammable and explosive materials in the warehouse, prepare fire fighting equipment for the occasional need. Workers traveling to and from the warehouse should not smoke in the warehouse to prevent fire caused by Mars residues in the warehouse.

Winter gales and snowfalls are common. When these two kinds of weather come, manufacturers need to close the warehouse doors and windows to prevent snowflakes from entering asbestos rubber sheets from dampness, or wind from blowing dust on the rubber sheets. In addition, manufacturers also need to open doors and windows in sunny weather to ventilate, disperse the damp air in the warehouse, and ensure that the warehouse is dry.

Also, if we transport rubber sheets in autumn, we should pay attention to the weather at first, because there is dew in autumn morning and frost in late autumn. For asbestos rubber sheets, these are easy to cause damp problems, so manufacturers should avoid such weather transportation as far as possible. If the situation is urgent, the manufacturer can cover the rubber board with canvas or plastic cloth, and then fix it, so as to avoid excessive moisture accumulation on the surface of the rubber board.

Autumn is a busy season, there are many vehicles on the road, if the manufacturer's transport destination is rural, there will be bumps on the road. Therefore, manufacturers should firmly fix the asbestos rubber board on the car before transportation, and pay attention to the rope can not leave strangulation marks on the board, or even lead to cracks in the rubber board, all of which should focus on the quality of the rubber board.