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Asbestos rubber sheet is an excellent sealing material


The main materials for making asbestos rubber sheets are rubber, asbestos and fillers. However, due to the different market demand, there are also great differences in formulation, production process and so on. As a result, there are many kinds of products on the market, including high-pressure rubber board, medium and low-pressure asbestos board, oil-resistant asbestos board, acid-alkali-resistant asbestos board and so on. Among the asbestos materials, chrysotile asbestos and blue asbestos are the two main ones. The properties of these two materials are also different. The acid resistance of chrysotile asbestos is poor, and it is mostly used to make ordinary asbestos boards. Blue asbestos has better acid resistance, so it is mostly used to make acid-resistant asbestos boards. Although these rubber asbestos boards have a good market development, there are still many new products emerging, these new products always have some characteristics that existing asbestos boards do not have, so asbestos boards manufacturers need to constantly improve the performance of rubber boards, improve their quality, in order to ensure their smooth development.

Many people will choose asbestos rubber sheet in the choice of high pressure vessel flange, pipeline flange and mechanical sealing material. In fact, there are many sealing materials. Why are rubber sheets so popular? The manufacturer will show you the secret.

The main manufacturing materials of asbestos rubber sheet are asbestos, rubber and filler. After pressing these raw materials, the rubber sheet can be obtained. These raw materials are relatively easy to obtain. Therefore, the production cost of asbestos rubber sheet is low and the market price is naturally not high. This is one of the reasons why many people choose this material. The price is low and affordable. There are many kinds of rubber asbestos board, including acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, high, medium and low pressure rubber board and so on. The suitable plate can be selected in different use occasions, which is the two reasons for its popularity. Asbestos rubber sheet is a kind of sealing material, which is very popular in the market. Naturally, it has an inseparable relationship with its good sealing performance. It can work in acid-base liquids ranging from minus 30 degrees Celsius to 60 degrees Celsius with medium hardness and can be made into various shapes, which is naturally one of the reasons why it is popular.

Now let's know the production process of asbestos rubber sheet.

One step, rubber refining. The main raw material of asbestos rubber sheet is rubber. In the production, first warm the rubber, then put it into the rubber rolling mill and roll it 4-5 times. The purpose is to make the film thinness reach 0.1-0.2 mm, ensure its surface is smooth and transparent, without raw rubber and particles, and then dry and store it.

Two steps, cotton unwinding screening. The asbestos is put into the cotton rolling mill and rolled for 3-4 cycles, and then it enters the cotton unraveling and screening process. The method of slow feeding is to feed a shovel every minute. The criteria for screening raw materials are clean and meticulous, no cotton needles and impurities, no sense of impurities in hand twist, and then packed separately according to the degree of fineness.

The third step is stirring. When the mixer starts up and runs normally, it feeds in the order of filler - Film - chemical - asbestos - primary refueling - Secondary Refueling - discharging.

Step 4: Make a picture. The feeding operation begins after 15 minutes of normal operation of the tensioner and preheating of the steam supply. In operation, according to different specifications and process requirements, metering feeding amount, timely feeding, attention to prevent and reduce gasoline volatilization, prevent material hardening, ensure smooth surface, no cracks and bubbles, tidy edges, accurate thickness.

Step 5: Inspection and packaging. After the production and other aspects are completed, the production process of asbestos rubber sheet is completed, and the quality inspector can pack it after passing the inspection, and then sell it.

As an indispensable sealing material in machinery, asbestos rubber sheet is very popular. So, how can customers who need to use rubber sheet for sealing buy Rubber sheet?

1. Simpler and more economical way is to buy asbestos rubber sheets directly from manufacturers. Most manufacturers will sell directly to customers who buy rubber sheets in large quantities, which is beneficial for manufacturers to accumulate customers. For buyers, the price of direct selling is cheaper and the quality is more guaranteed, so this kind of purchase method is very popular.

2. Another way to buy rubber sheets from retailers is different from buying rubber sheets directly from manufacturers. The retailer is not a manufacturer. It is the intermediate link between the manufacturer and the customer. It earns profits by price difference. The advantage of purchasing rubber sheets from retailers is that retailers supply a variety of brands, customers can choose more products, and can save money such as road fees.

3. Different from the direct sales of manufacturers and retailers, asbestos rubber sheet manufacturers are contacted through the Internet. After selecting products, developed logistics will be delivered to their doors in a short time. This is a new way of purchase under the development of technology and is in the process of gradual development.

Although asbestos rubber sheets can be ordered in large quantities and sold at low prices, customers should pay more attention to the quality and performance of rubber sheets. Rubber sheet is used in the sealing of mechanical equipment, which is of vital importance to the operation of equipment. If the quality of rubber sheet ordered is not up to standard, it will cause irreparable losses to equipment and production. Therefore, we recommend that customers wipe their eyes and carefully identify the products of the event organizers to prevent the purchase of inferior products.