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What are the main materials and rubber sources of asbestos rubber sheets?


The main material of asbestos rubber board is asbestos fibre, which can be woven into yarn, thread, rope, cloth and packing roots. It can be used as material or lining for transmission, insulation, heat insulation, insulation, sealing and other components. It is mainly used in building to make asbestos board, asbestos paper fireproof board, insulation pipe and kiln mat, as well as insulation, heat protection, insulation, sound insulation, sealing and other materials. Asbestos fibers can be mixed with cement to produce asbestos cement products such as asbestos cement tile, board, roof board, asbestos pipe, etc. The mixture of asbestos and asphalt can be used to make asbestos asphalt products, such as asbestos asphalt board, cloth (felt), paper, brick, liquid asbestos paint, cement pavement and ash for expansion cracks, etc.

Generally speaking, although haze weather affects people's health, it has little impact on the transportation of asbestos rubber sheets, so it can still carry out the transportation of rubber sheets. However, in the process of transporting rubber sheets, we suggest that manufacturers choose freight cars with carriages, which can prevent inhalable particles from depositing on rubber sheets in haze and affect the appearance and quality of the sheets. If you use a transport vehicle without a carriage, you should cover the rubber sheet with tarpaulins to ensure its cleanliness. Not only can inhalable particles in haze affect people's bodies and asbestos rubber sheets, but also heavy haze can block the driver's sight and even cause traffic accidents. So drivers who still insist on transporting rubber sheets in fog and haze should drive carefully to prevent traffic accidents.

But when using asbestos board, we should pay attention to some problems. At first, we should pay attention to fire prevention measures. Although asbestos board has good thermal insulation measures, its fire prevention ability is not strong, so when using asbestos board, we should take appropriate fire prevention measures to prevent fire. When installing asbestos board, professional technicians are needed to install it. It can't be installed at will, which not only can't play the role of heat preservation, but also can bring harm to us.

The rubber source of asbestos rubber sheet is latex of rubber trees and other plants. The elasticity of rubber has become a reason for choosing insulation rubber sheet. Good elasticity makes asbestos rubber sheet not easy to break in other processes such as paving the floor, and has good extensibility and extensibility. Because of its wide molecular weight distribution, it has good processing performance. It has good dispersibility and co-solubility with the compounding agent. It is easy to be misused with fillers and most other rubber. It is also easy to carry out mechanical processing and bonding moulding such as calendering and extrusion.

Asbestos board is a kind of excellent thermal insulation material, is the main material of building external wall thermal insulation, occupies an important position in the construction industry, is an important tool to ensure our indoor warmth. Asbestos boards have good thermal insulation and sound insulation capabilities, which can provide a comfortable environment for our life. In addition, asbestos boards have the advantages of light weight and low density, which can greatly reduce the pressure on buildings, reduce the pressure on buildings, and help protect buildings. The depth or height of the spot or concave-convex part of the insulating rubber sheet shall not exceed the thickness tolerance of the rubber sheet. Within a square meter of the air bubbles, there are no more than five bubbles with an area of less than 1 cm2, and the distance between any two bubbles is not less than 40 mm. The depth and length of impurities are not less than 40 mm, and the width of the irregular edge or spongy part is not more than 10 mm. The length is not more than 1/10 of the total length of the plywood and cracks are not allowed.

To solve the problem of unqualified sampling inspection of asbestos rubber sheet, the fundamental method is to improve the quality, which needs to be carried out from the selection of raw materials, the application of production equipment and technology, as well as industry self-discipline. Naturally, raw materials should be of high quality, which is also the source of excellent rubber sheets. Processing technology and equipment, manufacturers can not spare money, the use of good technology to produce high quality rubber sheet products. As for the self-discipline of a manufacturer, it can not be simply said that it can be solved, which requires the industry to specify the corresponding product quality standards and industry standards, and take corresponding compulsory measures to ensure that manufacturers can meet the requirements, which is also an important way to ensure the quality of rubber sheets. In addition, manufacturers should also be clear that if enterprises want to survive and develop, their own reputation is very important, starting from the quality of products is more conducive to the construction of their own reputation.