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Quality Requirements of Asbestos Rubber Board


Asbestos rubber sheet has two aspects in quality requirements. On the one hand, the volume insulation resistance, dielectric constant, breakdown voltage, power identity, corona and other numerical values of asbestos rubber sheet are concave and convex to comprehensively weigh the electrical energy of insulated rubber sheet. Generally speaking, the inspection request of the insulated rubber sheet motor is not so meticulous. It only needs the corresponding margin between the test voltage and the large use voltage to ensure personal safety. On the other hand, the production of insulated rubber sheet rubber materials are different, resulting in different character, which is mainly manifested in the physical machine function, breath, durability, flexibility, waterproof, mildew resistance and service life of insulated rubber sheet. The requirements and environment for the use of insulated rubber sheets, such as the wettability of the use environment, sunshine and so on, must be considered comprehensively when purchasing insulated rubber sheets.

Asbestos rubber sheet is made of asbestos, rubber and filler by pressing. According to its formula, process, performance and use, there are mainly high-pressure asbestos rubber sheet, medium and low-pressure asbestos rubber sheet, oil-resistant asbestos rubber sheet, acid-alkali-resistant and other categories. As a sealing material for pipeline flange, high pressure vessel flange and various mechanical joints, it can be used to punch gaskets with good sealing performance with acid and alkali resistance requirements. When used, gaskets of various shapes and sizes are usually punched according to requirements.

Asbestos rubber sheet is mainly used in high temperature and high pressure water, saturated steam, superheated steam, gas, inert gas and other media equipment pipeline flange connection sealing gasket materials. So we should pay attention to the performance of asbestos rubber sheet, and the quality of asbestos fiber is the main factor determining its performance. Therefore, asbestos fibers are required to have high tensile strength, good heat resistance, appropriate length, flexibility and elasticity.  Generally, high-pressure asbestos rubber sheets and oil-resistant asbestos rubber sheets above 400 are made of grade 2 and 3 asbestos fibers. At present, due to the limitation of asbestos rubber board, more asbestos-free rubber board in Shichuan is used to replace the original asbestos board.

Asbestos rubber sheet is suitable for punching gaskets and gaskets with good impact resistance and sealing performance. It can be used to punch gaskets with good sealing performance and acid and alkali resistance. It is suitable for punching gaskets of various shapes. The characteristics and applications of asbestos rubber sheet are low hardness, high elasticity, and can work in air of - 35 ~+60 degree C under high pressure.

Asbestos fiber is a generic term for natural fibrous siliceous minerals. It is a kind of silicate mineral fiber widely used in building materials fireproof board, and it is also a rare natural mineral fiber. Rocks are subjected to dynamic metamorphic conditions.  Asbestos fibers are inorganic mineral fibers of serpentine and amphibole series. The basic composition of asbestos fibers is magnesium silicate hydrate (3MgO. 3SiO 2. 2H 2). The characteristics of asbestos fibers are heat resistance, non-flammability, water resistance, acid resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. There are more than 30 types of asbestos fibers, but there are three kinds of asbestos which are widely used in industry, namely chrysotile, crocidolite and iron asbestos. Asbestos is carcinogenic. It is possible to infect carcinomatous mesothelioma and lung cancer in the environment with severe asbestos dust. Therefore, attention should be paid to protection during operation. It is used as a high temperature resistant and flame retardant reinforcing filler for adhesives.

Asbestos rubber sheet sealing products are rich in asbestos resources in our country. Asbestos can be loosened and fully loosened by mechanical or chemical treatment. Asbestos fibers have high tensile strength, large surface area, good adsorptive performance, non-combustibility, good heat resistance and high service temperature of 500-550 C. This temperature range can basically meet the needs of industrial workers, and asbestos is cheap. Its shortcoming is asbestos. Dust pollutes the environment and does harm to human body. We should pay attention to environmental protection. Asbestos rubber sheet is characterized by medium hardness, acid and alkaline resistance. It can work in acidic (alkali) liquids with temperature ranging from - 30 ~60 C and in thicker environments; specific gravity: 1.4-1.6, breaking force: 3.5 MPa, elongation: 280%, hardness: 65 5 product specifications: 1350mm/1500mm*1500mm.