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Brief description of matters needing attention in handling asbestos rubber sheet


Asbestos rubber sheet is different from other sheets. It has very low thermal conductivity and excellent thermal insulation, thermal insulation, low water absorption, waterproof and moisture-proof performance, and has a strong compressive capacity. It can withstand a large impact capacity. It is very simple to use and is suitable for modern engineering construction, highway construction, hydraulic engineering and so on.

Asbestos rubber sheet is made of asbestos, rubber and filler by pressing. Asbestos is chrysotile asbestos (asbestos-like serpentine has heat resistance, acid-alkali resistance, strong tensile strength, chrysotile asbestos will be used for ordinary asbestos rubber sheet), blue asbestos (good heat resistance, acid-alkali resistance is also good for making acid-resistant asbestos rubber sheet) according to the production process, formula, use and performance. Asbestos rubber sheet can be divided into: high-pressure asbestos rubber sheet, medium-pressure asbestos rubber sheet, low-pressure asbestos rubber sheet, oil-resistant asbestos rubber sheet, etc.

In the process of handling asbestos rubber sheets, workers should pay attention to light handling, because asbestos rubber sheets have medium hardness, if thrown in the process of handling, it is easy to break, which will affect the use effect. When workers unload sheet metal from the car, they should also pay attention to ensure the good packaging. If the sheet is tied together, they can not cut the tied rope, so as to avoid the scattered sheet metal on the ground, which will also affect its use and sales.

Asbestos rubber board quality is not too heavy, in the handling of better two people to lift, maintain balance. Place the board on the ground without water or bricks and other more sharp objects, otherwise it is easy to damage the board, affecting its sales. If the storage area is open-air, it is better to lay a layer of wooden board or canvas on the ground to prevent the staining of the board, and cover the board with canvas to avoid long-term sunshine and rain and snow.

Asbestos rubber sheet has moderate hardness, excellent acid-alkali-salt resistance and no external interference. It is suitable for working at - 30 ~60 ~C and can dilute 20% acid-alkali solution in the medium. Usually asbestos sheet is chosen as sealing material in many pipelines and high pressure environment. For example, gas leakage is very dangerous for every household. There is no gap in gas pipeline. Asbestos rubber sheet is a better choice as sealing material. In the process of construction, it is very convenient to tailor and use according to their own needs. Asbestos rubber sheet can be used as a kind of sealing equipment with acid, alkali and salt requirements, playing an excellent sealing role, close and leak-free.

Common industrial asbestos rubber sheets in daily life can be divided into five voltage grades: 5kv, 10kv, 20kv, 25kv, 35K and so on. Common colors are black rubber pads, red rubber pads, green rubber pads; product degrees range from 1mm to 50mm. Width is between 0.1-2 m and length is 1 m-unlimited.

The scope of application of asbestos rubber sheet is closely related to its production material. Whatever you integrate with it in the process of use, its characteristics will not change. Next, let's take a look at our commonly used products. Oil-resistant asbestos board, acid-alkali-salt-resistant asbestos board, corrosion-resistant asbestos rubber board, fire-proof, moisture-proof and waterproof asbestos board, etc. In the field of industrial construction, usually installed in the desulfurization system and water treatment anticorrosive effect. In the field of storage, products are generally used as sealing materials to ensure that objects do not deteriorate for a long time and are sealed for preservation. Rubber sheet is generally used as a wear-resistant material in metallurgical industry. The application of rubber sheet in mechanical equipment can play a very good role in shock absorption and effectively protect mechanical equipment, in which external forces destroy equipment and affect product quality.

Asbestos rubber board is a new kind of floor paving material. Compared with traditional cement floor, wood floor, marble floor and ordinary rubber board, the elastic advantage of asbestos rubber board is obvious. Asbestos rubber sheet is a special production equipment of rubber floor mat, which is produced by high temperature and high pressure. Rubber mattress has many commonalities with floor, plastic runway, outdoor plastic basketball court and other plastic venues, but rubber mattress also has its own special characteristics. Specifically, asbestos rubber sheets have the following characteristics:

1. Asbestos rubber sheet has strong compressive resistance, impact resistance, high friction coefficient, elasticity, shock absorption and skid resistance, and has strong protective performance.

2. Asbestos rubber sheet has good weatherability and temperature resistance, and insulated rubber sheet also has good anti-ultraviolet characteristics, which can meet the needs of different places. At present, Shenzhen SEO optimized rubber mattress is widely used in kindergartens, schools, nursing homes, gymnasiums, sports venues, ground access, public walkways and other places.

3. Asbestos rubber sheet is stable and environmentally friendly. Rubber mattress is stable and clean. It does not need to worry about the back harm to human body. It does not breed microorganisms and is healthier.

4. Asbestos rubber sheets are of various specifications, rich colors, non-reflective and elegant decoration. They can be assembled freely to meet the needs of the vast majority of people.

Asbestos rubber sheet is very convenient to use, widely used in modern life, isolation and sealing performance is excellent, please rest assured that consumers buy.